Beecon API

BeeconJS is a Websocket library built on Core that works across all popular mobile, tablet and desktop platforms. It mest be load before use with jquery/socketio library.

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Beecon Function API

BFA(Beecon Function API) is functions to use BeeconJS in network.

New Bee(url,key ,strict)

Inflate Bee instance. name is service provider name. ( key is service provider unique key. It has to be unique in same network. strict is strict mode. If It is true , will be strict connect by user key Must be call once over.


Add to bee what to want call function. position is button location. mark is button apperance letter. function is will call on click button.


Add to bee what to add JSON data. data is JSON data. Must be include JSON data.


send JSON data to Bee. BEECODE is generated Bee Instance. data is JSON data.


click Bee in Network. BEECODE is generated Bee Instance. position is part of bee want to click.

Beecon Override API

BOA(Beecon Override API) is BeeconJS event calling. You can Override functions to catch events.


onSearchServer event is calling when finding server in cloud. (Asia only)


onFindServer event is calling when find the best server in cloud. (Asia only)


serverOn event is calling when connected to server. url is connected server address .


serverOff event is calling when disconnected to server.


onRecivedBeecode event is calling when recived the BEECODE from server. BEECODE is alias number to Join Beetwork.

Beecon Override API - Bee mode

It is triger to Bee mode only.


onSearchBee event is calling when searching bee in your network.


onNoBee event is calling when can not find bee in your network.


onFindBee event is calling when find Bee in your network. Bee is JSON data includes bee informations.


onHeyBee event is calling when hey Bee in your network. BEECODE is hey BEECODE. data is JSON data.


onClickBee event is calling when click Bee in your network. BEECODE is clicked BEECODE. position is clicked position.